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Who are we?

We are

a quality school committed to the service of our students

and we believe that

the success of our students is also our success.

In order to achieve this we offer:

 · Highly qualified teachers
· A combination of cutting-edge and traditional didactics
· An energetic, stimulating atmosphere
· An efficient administrative organisation
· "Small group" classes that optimize the monitoring of students' progess
· Focus on "result-based" individual attention
· Courses held both in and outside of the school, for private individuals or
   business requirements
· Professional language "refresher" courses
· Specialised high-level translation services
· Personal contacts for overseas study/courses

The Formazione Linguistica e Culturale, CCTsa, formerly known as Centro Culturale Tedesco, has always prided itself on it's quality teaching of German language and culture and for the attention it pays to the studies and ensuing results of it's students in their examinations/careers. 

For many years now, we have also offered courses in English, French and Italian. Private or small groups lessons, in Maths, History, Latin, Physics etc. are also available at junior, secondary and high school levels.

A dynamic environment and a pleasant, reassuring atmosphere combine with the school's excellent administration to provide a forum that encourages exchange between students and teachers. This, in turn, enables goals to be swiftly and successfully reached.

The FLC CCT sa is a member of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools.

Our courses are a passport to your future......

The organizing of courses is flexible and personalised, in order to meet the students' requirements effectively.

We also propose intensive day courses for adults, enabling them to attain desired levels, in a wide variety of exams, inside optimum time frames.

A wide choice of evening courses are also offered, along with conversation classes for those who wish simply to enrich and/or improve their vocabulary/speaking ability.

The courses are held in small groups, as compatible as possible, under the guidance of qualified, motivated teachers whose "modus operandi" is the pleasure of learning.

We offer "specific-target"-based courses wich are "tailor-made" to personal or business requirements. These cover a broad spectrum ranging from individual needs, such as travel abroad (work or pleasure), to presentation/interview situations.

Adult courses are held at school or, on request, on business premises, in your office, or at your home.

For school children we offer a wide-ranging programme of remedial courses, individually or in small groups.

Due to long experience in the field of intensive summer courses, we provide school children, via these courses, with an ideal opportunity to improve their scholastic results, from introductory courses for junior school, right up to and including literary analysis for high school students preparing for their leaving certificates. Courses are held throughout the school year. Standard subjects offered are English, German, French, Italian, Mathematics. On request, other subjects can be catered for, individually or in small group format. Careful monitoring of study and attendance is guaranteed, whilst simultaneously maintaining close contact with students' families/providers.

For all courses taking place and our complete teaching programme, go to our web site.

For further information please contact our office.

We look forward to your phone call!